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Bush´s Military Record

Artwork by David Dees

President Bush has been quick to send out his troops and wage war on the world but would he do it himself? If he expects other Americans to die for their country shouldn´t he be willing to do the same? So what is the story on Bush´s military service and how did he avoid going to Vietnam? Well it helps if you have a filthy rich politically powerful family behind you and George certainly had that.

Bush joined the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War as a pilot but he never left the country. Ben Barnes, a former speaker in the Texas House of Representatives has admitted he pulled a few strings to ensure George would never see Vietnam. Without the threat of being sent to his death in the jungle George still couldn´t be bothered to serve his country and his opponents claim he went "absent without leave".

On July 30, 1973 George signed a document that declared: "It is my responsibility to locate and be assigned to another reserve forces unit or mobilisation augmentation position. If I fail to do so, I am subject to involuntary order to active duty for up to 24 months." In fact he never did, instead deciding to cut short his military service in 1973 to pursue a business career. In 1989, Bush told a local newspaper in Texas: "I regret not having gone to Vietnam." He also said "I did my time" and "I did my duty".

Bush goes to war

Despite repeatedly breaking the rules and not attending as much as was required Bush was never punished and somehow achieved a "satisfactory service" notice from his unit. This was blatant favouritism for the rich. In May 1973, Bush´s superior officers said they could not complete his annual performance review as he had not been seen at the base in Houston for 12 months. Terry McAuliffe, chair of the Democratic National Committee, said that "the President did not serve honourably".

He also missed physicals and made very little use of his pilot training, training which had cost the American taxpayer $1 million. CBS recently produced some memos which showed that Bush´s commander was pressurised into going easy on him because his father was a Houston congressman at the time of the Vietnam War.

This is the man who has the cheek to send others to their deaths in his name. A privileged, pampered hypocrite to the core he has betrayed his armed forces ordering them to wage war in order to increase his financial and political clout, hiding behind the lie that America is somehow defending herself when in fact America is the aggressor and busily making many more fanatical enemies.

Posted 20th September 2004

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