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Question and Answer

Listener: "My most embarrassing moment was when my artificial leg fell off at the altar on my wedding day."
Simon Fanshawe: "How awful! Do you still have an artificial leg?"
Talk Radio

Friends Actor: "I was eating in a restaurant and a fan handed me his baby."
Gaby Roslin: "A live baby?"
Channel 4

John Leslie: "What country is famous for tulips?"
Contestant: "Holland."
John Leslie: "Well, we'll give it to you... it's Amsterdam."
John Leslie, ITV

John Humphries: "So, in one word, don't get rid of the Lottery, do it better!"
Sue Lawley: "That was two words."
Radio 4

Professor Anthony Clare: "You were an only child. Do you know why?"
Uri Geller: "My parents didn't have any other children."
Radio 4

Richard Madeley: "I understand you have a little lad of 12."
Caller: "Yes, that's right."
Richard Madeley: "Is he a boy or a girl?"
Caller: "A boy."
Carlton TV

Phil Collins: "Bags have been left, bags have been lost, the Tour Manager didn't get his wake-up call..."
Interviewer: "I understand someone didn't wake up this morning."
Phil Collins: "Yeah...the Tour Manager."
Interviewer: "What happened?"
Phil Collins: "He didn't get his wake-up call."

Zoe Ball: "So tell us what is this exactly..."
Guest: "It's a matchstick model of the Cardiff Arms Park."
Zoe Ball: "Wow! That's amazing. What's it made out of?"
Guest: "Matchsticks."
Channel 4

Martyn Lewis: "Congratulations! Here is your round-the-world air ticket. What are you going to do with it?"
Contestant: "Go round the world."

Reporter: "How important was it psychologically to get those six points out of the way?"
Teddy Sheringham: "Very psychological."

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