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22/6/04 - Link Between Al'Qaeda and Saddam

Bush and his band of sweaty, pasty faced Nazi bastards are now claiming a link between Al'Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. I have one word for this - bullshit. Saddam and his secular state allowed no room for any higher authority than Saddam himself, while Al'Qaeda are fanatical Muslims. Although there are plenty of Al'Qaeda in Iraq now, that might just have something to do with the fact that the yanks invaded and bombed the shit out of them, swelling the ranks of a terrorist organisation which they are supposed to be 'dismantling'.

According to the rubber faced goon parade, who would like to lock up every poor person on the planet, Saddam might have helped them carry out the September 11th attacks. This is the usual Republican line, especially under Bush, they have realised that if they say something on TV despite lacking any shred of evidence then a proportion of ill-educated voters will automatically believe it 'hey it must be true I saw it on the TV'.

Bush, Cheney and the rest of the scum who are currently destroying America's dwindling credibility in the eyes of the world are desperate to claim a link but they can offer no proof. Cheney said that Saddam "had long-established ties with al Qaeda." He just didn't feel like telling us what they are.

This is one lie which they have been caught in - the denial of a link has been universal because quite simply there is no evidence of one.

Al Gore said "The President convinced the country with a mixture of documents that turned out to be forged and blatantly false."

Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism official under Dubya and Clinton said "There's absolutely no evidence that Iraq was supporting Al'Qaeda, ever."

A recent dispatch from Reuters said simply "There is no link between Saddam Hussein and Al'Qaeda."

Funnily enough there is a pretty obvious link between US ally and oil provider - Saudi Arabia and Al'Qaeda. Bin Laden was born there and Saudi has an appalling human rights record but for some reason they don't want to go to war with Saudi. Then there's the link between the US and Iraq, the US sold loads of weapons to Iraq and they continue to sell loads of weapons to Saudi, weapons which according to their warped logic could end up in the hands of Al'Qaeda, weapons which could end up killing Americans.

The only real link between Al'Qaeda and Iraq is that they hate America and who can blame them? Americans have been asked to hate the Iraqi's, Al'Qaeda and as far as I can make out Arabs in general based on one terrorist incident. The US has repeatedly stirred up trouble and directly attacked countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, they have killed countless innocent people, they have terrorised these countries so how do you expect those people to feel?

As long as this band of greedy criminals continues to run the last superpower the list of countries who hate the US will grow and grow. The difference is that the US has a position of privilege they guzzle more resources than any other country in the world by miles while the countries they bomb are poor and struggling - Americans should ask themselves - how would you feel in that position?

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