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Another Censorship Rant

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the recent murder case in Scotland which involved a teenage girl being stabbed to death and dumped beside a footpath in Dalkeith. Her boyfriend was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime just yesterday and I don't intend to comment on his guilt or otherwise (because I don't know whether he did it or not) but what did alarm me about the trial was the constant references to the accused guy's tastes in music.

The youth in question is a Marilyn Manson fan and frequently listened to his music, watched his videos and visited his website. One DVD in particular seems to have caught the eye of the prosecution The Golden Age of Grotesque which was actually played to the jury as though it were relevant evidence. They also went on at great length about some website which features watercolour paintings by Manson of a woman murdered in Hollywood in 1947.

The DVD clearly doesn't have anything to do with the murder; the detective in court spoke about how there seemed to be a naked young woman lying on the ground. Well that must be it then, he was copying the DVD, except the girl in the DVD hasn't been murdered, please explain why this is relevant? How can this be evidence at a murder trial?

Charlie Manson, could he be Marilyn's father?

This retarded view rears its ugly head all the time, someone commits an evil act and the media decide that films/videogames/music is to blame. Please will all you morons just get it into your head that watching a film, playing a videogame or listening to a piece of music has never, ever, in the history of mankind made someone into a murderer? Millions of people watch the same films or listen to the same music and do not ever kill anyone, you might as well point out that the killer was a tea drinker, or that he liked beer does that make you a murderer? No for the benefit of our brainless whiners out there who have started up another stupid campaign, this time to put age restrictions on music, that what makes you a murderer is either some form of mental illness, a love gone wrong, your government drafting you into the army and filling your head with lies or being a Tory in which case you believe all the poor are subhuman and would happily run them over in your fancy car.

Now that the guy has been imprisoned they have put him on suicide watch. We are told by a leading psychologist that the youth may contemplate killing himself because he is obsessed with Kurt Cobain. I think being imprisoned for life for the murder of your girlfriend is probably enough on its own, don't you?

Surely its time we stopped allowing wannabe censors harping on in the news, always so desperate to point the finger at someone else, to deflect the blame for horrific acts away from society and onto entertainment. Censorship is wrong; I thought we had agreed on that. Mind you the recent revelations about Prince Harry's Nazi costume have also kicked off a debate about banning the Nazi symbol, or rather the widely used symbol which they stole. I hate to point this out but banning symbols is the kind of thing Nazi's would do, I mean get a grip they'll be saying Hitler was a Marilyn Manson fan next.

Who knows, maybe they're right…..wouldn't it just be dandy if they could ban things they find offensive and there'd be bound to be less murders - in fact we could just go round people's houses and look at their DVD collections and then imprison the dodgy ones before they commit a murder, it'll be great just like that Minority Report film.

Only it wouldn't be great, you'd have to be insane to believe that, it would totally suck balls just like that Minority Report film.

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