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13/10/03 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has won the election in California giving the right wing moron further opportunity to blather on at length about how he had a tough upbringing in a house with no toilet or fridge and yet ended up as a multi-millionaire movie star. His message is of course that old lie about how anyone can make it, which swings around to the argument that poor people are poor because they are lazy.

His speeches so far have been full of jokes and references to his movie career delivered in the style of a large wooden barrel. Arnie's aptly named thankyou speech saw him cram in 14 thankyou's in the first few seconds and there were more to follow, but nothing about what he intends to do other than represent everyone. That would be an impressive feat for a multi-billionaire who spends time driving around his huge estate in a big tank. I fear he will inevitably protect the interests of the mega wealthy class he belongs to.

I guess one of the main reasons he got voted in was probably recognition, as an Austrian born movie star with a bit of a reputation for being slow he isn't the most obvious candidate for a political post. It really just serves as further evidence that the current political system in the USA is not working, many people are apathetic due to the lack of choice at the polls and I can't really blame them.

Here are a couple of quotes from Arnie -

"As you know, I don't need to take any money from anybody. I have plenty of money myself. I will make the decisions for the people."

"Don't worry about that." - Arnie on the environment

"I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman."

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