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A Very Sunny Morning

A Very Sunny Morning is a bizarre wee short film from writer and director Eric Carter. We open with breakfast as a young couple sit down to eat and then things take a very strange turn when a head pops up on their television and starts talking to them.

The rest of the film is like a bad dream which the characters are struggling to wake up from. It is very surreal and plays around with reality in a nice inventive way which keeps your confused interest but ultimately disappoints a little by never explaining itself. There are some nice touches of humour too.

The acting is good for a low budget production. The two main characters are played by Natalie Vann and Andrue Anderson and the head on the TV is played by Neeko Keneklis, they all do a good job here. The soundtrack is good too and gives the overall production a polished feel.

Carter´s direction is excellent and feels quite fresh, the camera work is interesting and the limited effects are nicely handled. This short definitely shows enough talent to make me curious about what he´d do with a full feature and while this film left me feeling slightly confused it was very nicely done. A strange blend of surreal darkness and comedy.

You can check out the film for yourself here - A Very Sunny Morning

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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