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Bernie´s gonna get you

Bernie Sanders

It is easy to forget that the will of the American Government is not the same as that of its people. All too often the system seems to disenfranchise the ordinary voter in favour of lobbyists and private interests and policy as American politics drifts further to the right. Meanwhile Democrats seem unwilling to tackle the growing gap between rich and poor in the US, and equally unwilling to take a stand on foreign policy or the restriction of freedoms. They are, no doubt, to deep in the mire themselves to see daylight. However, not all politicians are so easily bought.

On 3 January 1991, Bernie Sanders (Vermont) became first Independent member elected to Congress in forty years. Now, he is set to become the first socialist senator in US history. This is pretty impressive for politician in a nation who often confuse the terms "socialist" and "communist" and use "liberal" as a dirty word. Sanders states that his aim is "to make the government work for working people, and not just for corporations".

So watch out George, Bernie´s gonna get you!


Incidentally, his brother is Larry Sanders, the Green Party politician!

Find out more about the campaign at;
bernie.house.gov and

Posted 2nd November 2006

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