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Best Political Clips: Part 1

There have been some great political interviews, embarrassments and televised arguments over the years and luckily for us a lot of them have been posted on You Tube. Below I´ve laid out some of my favourites for your viewing pleasure. Part 1 features President Bush.

Bush Tries Escape

President Bush tries to escape from a press conference in China and gets beaten by a locked door.

Bush Speechifying Gaffes

Here are a few of Bush´s slip-ups during public speeches.

Bush Back Rub

President Bush bizarrely tries to give German Chancellor Merkel a back rub at the G8 summit and she doesn´t seem to appreciate it.

Bush Interviewed on Torture

President Bush is interviewed by Matt Lauer on torture and secret prisons and questioned on their legality. He doesn´t have much of an answer and gets quite agitated.

Bush vs Public

Bush gets questioned about a number of his dodgy policies by a member of the public and shows his complete disregard for other points of view.

Bush Senior Throws Up

President Bush Senior manages to throw up all over the Japanese Prime Minister back in 1992.

Bush Caught on Open Mic

Bush is caught out speaking to Blair here obviously under the impression his microphone is not still on.

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Posted 12th March 2007

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