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Best Political Clips: Part 2

Here are some more great political clips featuring all sorts of people.

George Galloway vs US Senate

Back in May 2005 the US Senate made the mistake of repeating dodgy tabloid claims that George Galloway had profited from oil deals in Iraq. Here is his appearance in front of them in full and as you can see he´s not having any of it.

Best of Paxman

This is a great wee compilation shown on BBC3 of some of Jeremy Paxman´s finest moments including the infamous Michael Howard interview.

Clinton vs Fox News

Former President Clinton gets angry at the Fox News agenda, particularly their assertion that he didn´t do all he could to catch or kill Osama Bin Laden.

Ann Coulter vs Jeremy Paxman

Right-wing loony Ann Coulter interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. I just love the way he starts this interview instantly pissing her off completely and making her really defensive.

Nixon "I´m not a crook"

President Nixon famously claiming he was not a crook.

Nixon Resigns

After being caught out lying over the Watergate scandal Nixon resigns from his post.

Dan Quayle vs Lloyd Bentsen

Dan Quayle was Bush senior´s Vice President and by all accounts he lacked the intellect or ability, this is taken from a famous debate and features a great put down from Bentsen.

Dan Quayle Compilation

Some proof of the stupidity of Dan Quayle from the man himself.

Posted 12th March 2007

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