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The Bilderberg Group

I´ve read a few bits and pieces now about the Bilderberg Group. It is a group which organises meetings for wealthy and powerful people once a year in different locations across the world. People on both the far left and the far right seem to believe that there is more to it than that, they claim that it is the meeting of the secret rulers of the world, a meeting where wars are started and presidencies are decided on.

Grove artwork by David Dees

The group has an impressive list of attendee´s which includes many former and present heads of state and a raft of wealthy business despots. The organisation promotes capitalism, and claims to have no dark secrets. Extremist muppets have come up with some ridiculous claims and seem desperate to tie the whole thing together with some kind of satanic ritual or sexual depravity. They are detracting from the serious questions with their fantastic conspiracy theories. The X-Files and a host of bizarre, usually unverified information, available on the internet seem to have helped create a legion of conspiracy theorists and fantasists who mix fact with fiction and end up muddying the whole issue.

Realistically I don´t think the Bilderberg Group sit around and vote on new leaders or decide whether to have wars, I don't think it is as organised as that. I'm sure individuals make deals of various types in order to feed their greed for money and power but I don´t see them all round a table in black robes ordering their minions to start a war. The depressing thing about it is the obvious ease with which a rich person with business interests can gain access to the ears of elected officials. The unelected business tycoons have a strong influence on our politicians and they are only interested in increasing their own profits. While ordinary citizens may never get the chance to give their elected politicians their opinion on the world and the way forward, rich foreign businessmen can command their polite attention for a whole weekend provided there is some nice food, accommodation and of course golfing facilities on offer.

Anyone who believes in the 12 foot lizard rulers or the virgin sacrifice rituals or any of the other demented conspiracy theories on offer should read Umberto Eco's book Foucault's Pendulum. I think the truth is far less exciting but not really any less dangerous. With the hailed victory of capitalism over communism and the rampant growth of "globalisation" people have become confused, mistaken in the belief that wealth entitles you to power, especially political power. The tycoons need political influence to protect their privileged positions and they try to sell the public on the "anyone can make it big" lie. The reality is a continued polarisation of wealth, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and the Bilderberg Group will just accelerate the process.

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