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Blair Must Go

Tony Blair eats humble pie

Well it seems like there is a general consensus amongst the people of Britain. There is even a consensus amongst Labour politicians that the time for Tony Blair to step down has come and gone and every day he clings on desperately to his power is damaging the country.

The current situation can´t last beyond May as Geoff Hoon of all people pointed out in September - "Having set the outer limits of how long he is staying, that still leaves questions in the context of the elections in May. A lot of people will be asking if it makes sense to him to carry on through those elections."

Obviously it doesn´t make sense for him to carry on but then it didn´t make sense to invade Iraq, it didn´t make sense to blindly back Bush, it didn´t make sense to continue the privatisation policies of the Tories, y´know I don´t think Tony cares if it makes sense or not.

What does Gordon Brown think?

One person who desperately wants him gone, preferably before some other contender for the throne pops up, is Chancellor Gordon Brown. The problem is Brown has backed Blair on virtually everything and the media are quick to point out that he looks awful and gives long boring speeches. Would Brown be any better than Blair, it´s extremely doubtful. He tried to give an upbeat speech today glossing over the 300,000 job losses in public services and slipping in an extra £600m for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and another £84m for intelligence operations.

Blair is now concerned with his "legacy". How will the people remember Tony, grinning lapdog bounding to war with Bush perhaps? Tory in Labour clothing? It seems likely with things getting worse and worse in Iraq, even US news stations have used the term "civil war" now, which angers Bush as he enjoys lying to the American public, that ultimately Iraq is Blair´s legacy.

Tony Blair as Lady MacBeth

So well done Tony you´ve completely mishandled Afghanistan and Iraq directly increasing the terrorist threat which you claim to be fighting. You´ve stolen so much ground from the Tories that they have to move left in order to have some policies not covered by Blairite Labour. You´ve made us the bitch of Bush and his cronies and ensured our flag is burned along with the stars and stripes throughout the Middle East.

The list goes on as does the list of people demanding Blair steps down but as he has proved again and again he has no problem ignoring dissent. He admitted today that US and UK forces were not winning the war in Iraq but vowed to bring democracy to the Iraqi people. When questioned by Tory leader Cameron he said "Of course. In July I said myself that the situation Baghdad with sectarian killing was appalling and the bloodshed was appalling. What is important, however, is, as he went on to say, that we do go on to succeed in the mission that we have set ourselves."

Well I think you are running out of time to succeed in any mission. Your new mission will be whoring yourself on the lecture circuit in the US for fat fees, who knows if Arnie can be a Governor I´m sure you´re in with a chance.

Posted 6th December 2006

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