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28/1/04 - Tony Blair

King Tony

So Tony has survived again. The Hutton report has exonerated him from any blame in the death of Dr Kelly, never mind blame for helping start a dubious war. That's not all folks; he also got his policy on student top-up fees through by just five votes. How do we know he has gotten away with it? Because the papers triumphantly write that he has, not based on anything of course, they have just decided he is getting away with it and are in effect making the news. This is naturally regardless of how the electorate might think of it - that's western democracy for you.

On the one hand I think the whole Dr. Kelly debacle has provided a great piece of cover for Blair, distracting from the real question about whether the war was justified in the first place. No weapons of mass destruction have been found and yet this was the main reason Tony stated for going to war. That should be enough to force him to stand down but he remains to inflict yet more Tory policies on us.

Student top up fees, which New Labour promised to never introduce, have now been introduced. This is society moving backwards, access for all is a thing of the past and we return to a sickening birth lottery with your likely prospects based more on wealth than ability. How can a Labour government realistically support a policy like this? What's next for King Tony, following our American cousins into the Dark Ages with capital punishment and a virtual slave class serving the rich while living below the poverty line themselves?

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