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Well Blair seems to be delighted that he has finally been proven right about the lurking terrorist threat. Over 50 Londoners were killed in the recent bombings, all innocent people on their daily journey to work. To most of us this is a shocking and appalling act, an unjustifiable act and the people responsible should be caught. However to Blair this is an excuse to introduce new Nazi style laws, an excuse to ignore and bypass human rights legislation and an excuse to lock up anyone who may be threatening to "our way of life".

On the back of this we find the ability to arrest and detain without charge or trial is no longer enough for our police to keep us safe and in fact the government wants to start deporting people. They´d also like to introduce ID cards at huge personal cost to the people of the UK. It is interesting to note that none of the measures currently in place prevented the bombings and that none of the proposed measures would have helped in this case either because three of the perpetrators were British nationals and the other was from Jamaica.

The climate of fear and hatred which the government has been actively encouraging has already resulted in the gratuitous shooting of an innocent Brazilian and several attacks on the unconnected law-abiding Muslim community. Given our actions in Iraq and response to the terrorist threat it is clear that the government is involving the UK in the murder and torture of innocent people. The ideals which we hold so dear are being trampled into the ground, the right of free speech, the right to a fair trial, the condemnation of torture and murder have all been forgotten in the scramble to beat the bad guys.

Blair recently backed new plans to increase the time a suspect can be held without charge from 14 days to 3 months. He wants to increase deportation from the UK for "religious extremists" but how are these people defined? "We have been trying to get rid of these people," he said at his monthly press conference. "Now I am afraid occasionally what has happened is we have tried to get rid of them, and we have been blocked." He has demanded that these pesky judges who uphold human rights legislation should stop blocking the deportations. This will increase the number of potential terrorists, just as the war in Iraq did, it will make more people amenable to those fighting the UK government because Blair and Co´s actions cannot be justified.

Britain got through two world wars and an extensive terrorist bombing campaign from the IRA without introducing changes to the law like those currently proposed. While we all want the terrorists caught you have to draw the line somewhere, even achieving safety for the UK public is not worth it if the price is the loss of our civil rights and the introduction of a police state.

If Blair really wanted to combat terrorism he would do better to look at the causes of terrorism. Engaging in one-sided wars against impoverished nations and backing US foreign policy to the hilt is endangering the UK and making us a prime target for the millions of disgruntled people around the world who´ve had enough of US dominance and greed. The hypocrisy of our so-called democracy is not lost on these people and it´s about time we recognised it too.

Posted 8th August 2005

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