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Bush and Women's Rights

The Bush administration demanded that the UN publicly renounce a woman´s right to an abortion at the opening of a conference intended to mark the 10th anniversary of the Beijing conference on women´s rights.

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During Bush's presidency there has been a reduction in U.S. government support for international population projects because of the administration´s opposition to abortion.

The US delegation advised that Washington opposed the ratification of the international treaty on women's equality, as well as resolutions that would "place emphasis on certain rights that not all member states accept, such as sexual rights." Washington also opposes the suggestion that industrialised countries provide economic support to the developing world to implement the reforms called for under the Beijing declaration.

This action leaves the U.S. almost entirely isolated - a position they must be getting used to. Only the Vatican observer supported Washington's hard line.

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Adrienne German (president of the International Women´s Health Coalition) noted "This sort of statement is a clear signal to everybody present that the US does not support the Beijing agreement perspective on the human rights of women.... and has taken a 180-degree reversal from the US government in 1995 and 2000."

It is thought that the move was intended to look good to Bush supporters on the Christian right - who handed him the presidency.

The US government began providing aid to developing countries in 1965, and its organisations were seen as leaders in population control. Bush has been blocking US funds to the UN population fund, and diverting cash towards programmes promoting abstinence instead of birth control or abortion.

Larry Flynt claims that Bush helped one of his girlfriends to have an abortion in Texas in 1970, but abortions were not legal until the Supreme Court´s decision in Rose vs Wade in 1973. What a hypocrite.

Posted 2nd March 2005

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