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Bush: Arms Dealer

A bunch of F-16´s

In return for their support in his "war on terror", Bush broke with fifteen years of policy to sell Pakistan F-16 warplanes. Syria should take note - you can maintain a lucrative relationship with the US while being repressive and undemocratic, as long as you do what Bush says.

Then, in a bid to make the world an even more dangerous place, he offered to sell the F-16's to India as well! India declined because they have just bought £396.5m worth of weapons from Russia, Germany, Italy and Israel.

This is, of course, a brilliant move economically. Selling arms to both sides of a conflict and creating your own little cash cow as they spiral into an arms war is clearly good for the bank balance. It's not so good for the security of the world or the welfare of the citizens in the two states.

Bush's little earner is also a wonderful proof of his hypocrisy. Condoleezza Rice warned the EU to do nothing to alter the balance of power in Asia when a deal with China was on the cards, but is doing exactly that in South Asia. I agree that the EU should not sell weapons to China on moral grounds, but it's a shame that the US does not live up to the standards it imposes on others.

Posted 4th April 2005

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