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21/11/03 - Bush and Blair

Bush in London

So Bush has visited London to thank Tony for his support over the last few months, and of course to visit the Queen, maybe he wanted some advice on perpetuating useless, money grubing dynasties. This has meant further cost to the taxpayer subsidising a ludicrous police presence designed to prevent Bush from hearing any dissent. Apparently members of the US secret service have been allowed to carry guns on UK soil, which sucks, and the UK police have been happy to set up virtual exclusion zones in parts of the city to prevent the citizens of this country from putting across their opinion.

Despite this a huge number of protestors turned out in London mid-week to knock down an effigy of Bush, mirroring the Saddam statue coming down in Iraq. Estimates of the turnout have been anywhere from 50,000 to 300,000. There were simultaneous protests across the country and in Edinburgh people were also smashing Bush replicas. Unsurprisingly virtually everyone wants rid of this moronic menace to our safety and world peace.

Unfortunately it seems all too easy for Bush and politcians in general to completely ignore protestors, play down their numbers and try to paint them as supporters of Saddam. They know that the argument is not about whether Saddam was evil or not, that is not the reason they invaded and this is all the clearer when you consider the lack of mass weapons of destruction they have turned up or the fact that Saddam is still at large. The situation in both Iraq and Afghanistan is still desperate for many innocent people and the US are not interested in truly helping these countries, the lauded rebuilding proves to be a sneaky way of providing US companies with hugely lucrative contracts, they are simply war profiteers.

The US has turned capitalisation into another mechanism for conquest and control, once these huge companies have a hold in places like Iraq the process of Iraqi money moving to the US begins. As US industry grows in their conquered enemies countries it becomes steadily harder for them to break away from US influence.

It doesn't seem to matter to Bush or Blair that people are against them, despite being caught out starting, not just one, but two spurious wars, the election scandal proving Bush did not win and worse that he enlisted the help of his brother to cheat, Blair's hijacking of a left-wing socialist party turning into yet another Tory government we didn't vote for; despite all this both remain apparently quite securely in power, still making decisions daily that will affect all our lives and still with no effective political opposition, which surely serves as proof that the so called democracies of the US and UK are failing to represent the people.

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