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CBS Poll on Bush and Iraq

A poll of opinion conducted by CBS News in the US has recorded that Bush´s approval has reached an all-time low of only 34%, while only 29% have a positive view of him as a person. One of the only public figures who is less popular than Bush is Cheney, who scored a measly 18%. Isn´t it lucky Bush doesn´t have to worry about being re-elected in the US!

Some of this is bound to be due to domestic matters, but it has been largely attributed to the continued fighting in Iraq. Clearly the election in Iraq in December have failed to calm the situation, and the US troops are unlikely to return home any time soon. During the last week there have been 400 deaths as a result of the unrest.

Only 36% of Americans felt the war (which the US has already declared is over) was going well, and only 30% felt Bush was handling the conflict properly. Even fewer believed the results of the war were worth the cost. This has plunged Bush's overall approval ratings down to levels comparable with Richard Nixon's at a similar point in his second term.

The poll also asked the US troops stationed in Iraq why they thought they were there. Nearly 86% thought the invasion was a retaliation for Saddam's role in the 9/11 attacks, despite the fact that it has been proved he was not involved in any way. Only 24% thought it had anything to do with the creation of a democratic government in Iraq.

Posted 1st March 2006

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