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16/7/03 - Celebrities

I'm getting increasingly sick of celebrities and the whole fame thing as legions of sheep clamour for every single shred of information about these people they don't know, will never meet and would be despised by if they did anyway. I can understand liking people or admiring their achievements but to obsessively follow their every move is just pathetic. Celebrity journalist has to come near the top of my list of thoroughly pointless jobs the world would be better off without, right next to Royal Correspondent (which is actually very similar).

If some of these super fans applied half the time and effort to their own lives that they do to amassing stupid memorabilia and news associated with their idols then they might actually achieve something. Sapped in by the media at a young age they actually think the superstars of the showbiz world are superhuman, that they are somehow a different breed of people. What is really sad about the whole thing is that they actually believe the celebs are better than them.

The majority of celebrities are there because they got the opportunity, don't fool yourself into thinking its anything to do with talent. Just look at the scores of Hollywood big names who are the sons and daughters of other 'great' actors or actresses, circumstance made it easy for them to have film careers. The pop world is so manufactured and electronically re-mixed that talent is no prerequisite there either. In fact some people have even gotten famous by having plastic bags inserted into their chest which is just depressing.

Then there's the whole five-minute fame brigade. The market obsessed money whores have decided that all they need on their show is anyone the viewing public might have seen before, like familiarity is the key. This kind of retarded thinking leads to spine chillingly foul folk like the Hamilton's getting a career in television. Well known for being a Tory criminal the slithering, charmless, muppet made some cringing appearances on tv which somehow snowballed into his even more hideous wife becoming a seemingly permanent skidmark on the British screen.

Probably the most consistently irritatingly over exposed bint has to be Carol Vordeman. Her inane grin and mutton dressed as lamb clothing have somehow led to her being on every bloody channel. The fact she will advertise things like budget loan companies who are targeting extremely poor people reveals the extent of her evil desperation, there's no way she ever got a loan from them so why the hell does she think it is justified to advise poor people to borrow money at a crap rate of interest and end up in debt trouble? She's supposed to have a maths degree and she's telling the poor suckers to borrow at 17.9%. What a bitch.

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