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Confusions of an Unmarried Couple

Confusions of an Unmarried Couple is like the independent antidote to the sickening Hollywood rom-com. This is a funny and intelligent look at the dysfunctional relationship between two real people, no sugar coating, no bullshit and lots of laughs.

We open with a dishevelled Dan as he lies rotting on the couch, drinking beer, wallowing in bitterness and scratching the days since his break up with Lisa off his calendar. Dan and Lisa were in a relationship, in fact they had just gotten engaged when Dan came home from work one night and caught Lisa in bed with another woman. He left her and we pick up the story a while later when Dan decides to go back and confront her.

The film plays out in a series of recorded interviews, documentary style, with both characters and then the main thread of action which focuses on Dan´s return to their home and the resulting conversation which quickly descends into an emotional argument. Dan and Lisa are the only two characters in the film but there is easily enough going on between them to hold your interest. The documentary style blurs into the action and is surprisingly effective mainly because the script is really sharp and witty.

As they struggle to reach some kind of reconciliation or at least closure with their relationship we hear their take on various different aspects of being together. The dialogue is embarrassingly intimate and brutally honest at times and the reason you feel that way as a viewer is because the film is articulating authentic sounding thoughts from the characters which are easy to relate to. As all truly great art does the film occasionally throws up thoughts which make you laugh or grin because they are familiar to you but you´ve never heard them spoken aloud before.

The film was made by the Butler Brothers, Brett and Jason, and Brett stars as Dan. These guys are genuine independent film makers with very little in the way of budget and other than the music they seem to have done the whole thing themselves. The film is shot on a digital camera. Apparently this is their third film and I certainly saw enough to encourage me to seek out the other two.

If there´s a weak point in the film I guess it´s the acting which seemed amateurish at first but I found more believable as the film wore on. The documentary style definitely helped the whole reality of the situation but some of the scenes where they are arguing just lack a genuine emotion, the actors clearly aren´t feeling what they are saying. Having said that they are both likeable and this carries them through.

The film runs for just over an hour, 73 minutes to be exact and that felt about right. The pacing was good, the direction was interesting and as I said before the dialogue was excellent. You should most definitely seek out this film and to aid you here´s a link to their official website.

Reviewed by Simon Hill

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