End Evil

Editor and Writer

Simon Hill


I started End Evil in February 2003 as a place to vent. I edit all of the content and try to write regular articles, reviews and short stories. I´m 30 and currently shattering my illusions in the videogames industry. I love films and videogames, and abhor right-wing evil. I´m also the main point of contact for the site so if you are interested in publishing any of the content, wish to submit something of your own, or want to discuss anything else to do with End Evil then please contact me - simon@endevil.com

Writer and Researcher

Jenny Hill


I write and compile articles, and undertake research for the political section of End Evil. I have a degree in Psychology and Social Sciences. I am fascinated by Ancient Egypt and enjoy films, books, music and arguing about politics. I especially hate evil corporations and incompetent politicians. I currently run a jewellery and incense business inspired by Ancient Egypt. You can contact me here - jenny@endevil.com

Writer and Japanese Coverage

Marc Carlton


A regular 21st Century hermit, I am a freelance musician and composer with a long-term aim of creating involving soundtracks for a variety of media, and pretty much everything I do is related to music in some way. To date I have worked as a dance workshop pianist, in the games industry as a tester and sound effects designer, and I am also a fully qualified sound engineer. I am a lover of all kinds of arts, particularly films and games from the Orient, and am well known for having a preference for artworks that, how shall we say, kill me softly. A friend and colleague of the editor of End Evil in the past, my part is to contribute reviews and generally whatever possible, whenever possible.

Web Artist

Neil who wears a hat


Neil is a forty four year old, part-time betting office manager on the south coast. He and partner Jill have been about a bit, travelling extensively in predominately "poor" countries. He is infuriated by the glacial rate of change in terms of global fairness. He aspires to a life of utter bone idleness and if anyone can find their way to sending him £200 a week for a topical animated gif, he could sit around with the Guardian crossword, listening to Radio 4 and try to figure out a way of getting test match cricket back from Murdoch.

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