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11/11/04 - Four More Years

So, we have to endure another four years of Bush and his crony's. Unfortunately, I am not surprised. It pays never to underestimate the power of bigotry. It seems to me that Bush won because he opposes Gay Marriages and abortion. This appeals to the "Bible belt" states, whose highly moral populace don't have a problem with Bush lying to them.

After all this twat has presided over the biggest increase in the US's budgetary deficit, lost the economy tonnes of jobs. He (and/or his best buddies) had financial links to the disgraced ENRON, and the war profiteers Halliburton (who have made a pretty penny from the US taxpayer). He also pursued a foreign policy which directly caused the price of oil to skyrocket (good for his buddies the oil companies, but not so good for everyone else), alienated the US from the rest of the world, and massively increased the risk of terrorist attack.

While demanding that the rest of the world cough up their "weapons of mass destruction", he bankrolled the development of a new type of nuke, and funded research into germ warfare! Lets not forget "Son of Star Wars" with the stated aim of granting the US complete military domination across the entire world (where is James Bond when you need him?). I think I missed the part where this makes the world a safer place for Americans, or anyone else.

The really scary thing is that despite the obvious attempts at electoral fraud (on both sides), the popular vote was supposedly for Bush. He has figured out how to combine bigotry and fear to great effect. Now we should all be scared.

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