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Fox Hunting

Well fox hunting has finally been made illegal in England and Wales to follow the introduction of the 2002 ban in Scotland. However what exactly does this mean? Will people really be tried and convicted if they are caught fox hunting?

So far it looks pretty bad. The first man to be tried under the new laws in Scotland was cleared of wrong doing as the court ruled that he was "searching" for a fox and not "hunting". What was he "searching" for the fox for? Was he going to give it a cuddle or mash its brains in?

Fox hunters are scum

Just to be clear he actually organised a group of twenty armed morons on horseback and a pack of twenty dogs and went fox hunting. The reason this case came to court is because they were caught by a farmer opposed to hunting on his land and despite his opposition and the fact he reported this to the police the man has been acquitted by the courts on an unfathomable definitions argument.

This is pathetic, clearly the laws have no teeth whatsoever and these blood hungry toffs can continue to pollute the countryside clad in stupid antiquated outfits and blowing horns all for the pleasure of watching a pack of hungry dogs tear apart a wee furry creature, or if the fox is lucky to shoot it with a shotgun. I've heard the moans about how foxes are pests but it does not take twenty armed people on horseback and twenty dogs to kill a fox, if they require that level of organisation then they must be crap at it.

The day after the new laws have been introduced in England the Countryside Alliance turned out in force. Sadly only four of these inbred scumbags were arrested as hundreds made clear their disregard for any law which doesn't suit them. The South Shropshire hunt claimed its first "legal" fox kill within an hour today. Clare Rowson, the West Midlands spokeswoman for the Countryside Alliance, said: "The fox was shot, taken out of the earth and then given to the hounds." Presumably they then sat around having a circle jerk while their dogs ripped the animal apart.

The problem with enforcing this seems to come down to proof of intent. I would have thought it was pretty obvious that a group of people dressed in ridiculous red jackets, shotguns under arm, on horseback with a pack of snarling dogs, blowing horns and stomping around probably aren't out for a picnic but apparently "dogs will be dogs" and accidental fox kills are perfectly legal to enjoy. I miss the part where this is a law which prevents fox hunting.

Over 270 hunts were scheduled for the day the laws come into effect. The rabid hunt lovers are determined to bring down this law and horrified at any break with tradition. One of the hunters, Mr Hart, said "There has been hunting in England for 700 years. This (the ban) may take two or three years, perhaps two or three months, to unpick. It will be nothing more than a temporary break in normal service, as broadcasters say."

Noble tradition my arse

Well slavery was once a tradition, as was stuck up landowning arseholes hanging their poor tenants for failing to hand over all the crops they produced - that doesn't make it a good thing.

David Johnston is a pro-hunt lawyer whose ridiculous claims include "The removal of fox hunting from the Scottish Borders would result in a profound and deeply felt cultural impoverishment." He also claims "Hunting is not a mere diversion, but it is something that connects its participants closely with one another and it is a core part of their lives." How would they survive without the right to join their equally demented neighbours and hunt a beautiful animal only to watch it torn to pieces by dogs? They obviously need to get their blood splattered fun from somewhere.

The whole idea that it is a sport is insulting anyway, what the hell is sporting about this? A bunch of cowardly genetically deficient arseholes getting off on what is quite clearly animal cruelty, they're not even prepared to get their hands dirty preferring to sit atop their horses and watch their dogs do the killing. The idea that pathetic organisations like the Countryside Alliance can get these otherwise apathetic non-entities to physically protest for their right to hunt kind of sums up everything that is wrong with the hopelessly out of touch Tory land-owning population and their servile minions.

Posted 19th February 2005

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