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16/6/04 - Fred Goodwin

Rant submitted by anonymous bank call centre worker.
(Fred Goodwin is Chief Executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland btw)

The Modern day Robin Hood?

Of course my title refers to Fred Goodwin who has recently been given the honour of being knighted by the Queen. Now many of you will be saying who cares, it's a big farce that we have a monarchy so everything they do is pointless but for a man who has ruined so many people's lives and caused so much suffering in the pursuit of his own evil ambitions to be given any kind of award for it is sick.

Ok so how is he such an evil man if his company contributes 12% of the Scottish economy in knock on effects of its business activities? Well here's how he manages to make so much money:

Firstly he has underpaid staff, he has consistently granted a below inflation wage increase to all of his lowest earning employees. This co-incidentally is a lot worse considering the reason his bank is so successful is down to the hard work and excellent service that his employees offer. Secondly he has scrapped a policy whereby money that was left on credit cards that have been closed was sent to charity. The excuse being that it was too time consuming for his staff to be sending this money to charity even with the consent of the cardholder who has overpaid. Instead they now have to write a cheque and send it to the cardholder or pay it into the banks own account. Now surely that's a massive contradiction. The fact that he does keep so much of his top jobs in Scotland and employs so many British people must be commended I agree but when "with one hand he giveth the other hand he taketh away!" it does make you wonder if he is doing it to lure people into the sense that he's a good guy. Just think about when the debt collectors turn up I don't think it would matter where he employed people.

Ok so this argument is pointless as I have already stated that the monarchy is a sham and that people have such little interest in this shit half his own employees didn't even know he was being honoured. I wonder though if you can get a knighthood for pretty much anything then maybe they are giving too many of these pointless titles away. I can just see the headline Sir Tony Blair for his contribution to world peace!

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