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Rant - Game Hysteria

In today´s rant I´d like to introduce you to an impressively moronic lawyer from Florida by the name of Jack Thompson. Jack has been bringing a series of laughable lawsuits against Rockstar because of the Grand Theft Auto series and the game Manhunt. Clearly he has a problem with violent videogames, in fact he claims they are turning our children into murderers "almost on a daily basis." He thinks that the game developers and distributors are to blame even although these games are certified 18 which surely makes it the responsibility of retailers, and perish the thought parents, to ensure that children do not get their hands on them.

It used to be the case that people thought playing certain rock records backwards could release satanic messages which would influence you to become a crazed killer. They went on about the influence of movies for years, who could forget the infamous banning of crappy doll horror Childs Play 3? Despite the fact it is pretty obvious to anyone of intelligence that films, music or games cannot make a murderer out of an ordinary person there are still idiots around who want to blame videogames for the violence in their society. It´s not the sick fast food ad culture, it´s not the poor education system, it just can´t be bad parenting, or the lax gun laws, or the ill advised wars their governments engage in....oh no it´s the crudely realised 3d character that they are pushing around an obviously fake game world that´s driving them to steal daddy´s gun and blow away the neighbours.

Getting back to Jack and his delirious claims he recently hit the headlines by turning the murder of Stefan Pakeerah in Leicester into an attack on Manhunt. In this case the tabloids grabbed the story in their slabbering jowls and shrieked to high heaven about how everyone should ban the game. The police explained that the motive was theft and that the killer needed the money to pay a drugs related debt. In fact the killer didn´t even own the game, the victim owned it!

Lets face it Jack is a deeply misguided moron, manipulating grief, wasting court time and getting the vulture tabloid brigade to attack games. If you are still not convinced then maybe you need to hear some more from Jack himself "The technique of killing civilians and then first-responders when they get there is the primary scenario to win in all the Grand Theft Auto games," he also claimed the GTA series were "killing simulators actually used by gangs." I laugh at the thought that controlling a wee 3d character in third person by pressing buttons on a joypad could in anyway be useful training for an actual gunfight. Jack is brim full of shit.

Up yours Jack

Jack also blamed GTA for the incident in Tennessee when two teenagers shot and killed a driver on a local freeway. I was kinda wondering what two teenagers were doing with a rifle but hey. His greatest achievement yet was to suggest that the Beltway Sniper, John Allen Muhammad, used Halo to train for the killings despite the fact that he was a US army veteran and expert with a rifle.

While kids may emulate the things they see from time to time they don´t do it against their will, they have to be things that the kid wants to do anyway. I don´t believe they sit with their pals and say "What shall we do tonight? Watch TV? Go for a walk? Or re-enact the end scene of Scarface?" While these demented killers may borrow ideas from games they have played that doesn´t make the game responsible and you know they would have killed anyway, by Jack´s logic the killer shouldn´t be held accountable for their actions because they were influenced by a game, yeah right, sounds a bit like "Satan told me to do it". We can only hope one of these game junkies all jacked up on videogame violence decides to emulate Unreal Tournament and blow him away with a rocket launcher. Mr Thompson should remember - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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