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International Gun Statistics

Below is a table of statistics on guns in various countries, this can be found at www.pbs.org.

Country Country Licensing of gun owners? Registration of firearms? Other Restrictions Households with firearms (%) Total Intentional Gun Death Rate per 100,000
Japan Yes Yes Prohibits handguns with few exceptions 0.6 % 0.07
U.K. Yes Yes Prohibits handguns 4.0 % 0.4
USA in some states Handguns in some states Some weapons in some states 41% 13.47
Singapore Yes Yes Most handguns and rifles prohibited 0.01% 0.24
Netherlands Yes Yes N/A 1.9% 0.55
Spain Yes Yes Some handguns and rifles are prohibited 13.1% 0.74
Germany Yes Yes N/A 8.9% 1.44
Italy Yes Yes N/A N/A 2.27
Israel Yes Yes N/A N/A 2.56
Australia Yes Yes Banned semiautomatics unless good reason 16% 2.94
Canada Yes All guns by 2003 Assault weapons and some handguns 26% 3.95
Switzerland Yes Yes N/A 27.2% 5.74
France Yes Yes except sporting rifles 22.6% 5.48

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