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Harry´s War

Prince Harry will be sent out supposedly to fight on the front line in Iraq this spring. By all accounts the ginger Prince is delighted about it and can´t wait to get into the carnage - there were even claims he would quit his commission if his superiors didn´t let him get some active service.

Harry´s War

He dodged university and instead went to Sandhurst military academy to learn more about ordering people about. He left as a Second Lieutenant and amid calls for him to go out and fight like any other soldier he recently said "There´s no way I´m going to put myself through Sandhurst and then sit on my arse back home while my boys are out fighting for their country," not when he can sit on his arse in Iraq and get lauded as a brave hero.

Hilariously his girlfriend Chelsy Davy has said she will go on a world tour to distract her from Harry´s situation, presumably there are no stops for her in Iraq or Afghanistan. Still nice to know while the wives and girlfriends of troops genuinely out there fighting get dumped in giant army schemes Chelsy will be off enjoying herself.

Harry is third in line to the throne and he´ll be the first Royal to take part in a conflict since Prince Andrew served as a Royal Navy pilot in Thatcher´s misguided Falklands war. Many now fear Harry will be the number one target for the dreaded "insurgents" and since they could score a real propaganda victory by popping a cap in his ginger nut it seems unlikely he´ll be put in any real danger, the same can´t be said for the men under him and those assigned to protect him.

Posted 24th February 2007

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