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Infant mortality

Although there is a wealth of evidence to prove that we are failing the people of Iraq and Afghanistan, our government (with the tacit support of much of the mainstream media) are still maintaining the happy fantasy that our 'war on terror' is morally defensible. End Evil recently received the following email from Dr Gideon Polya, the respected biochemist.


According to the latest UN Population Division demographic data (see: http://esa.un.org/unpp/index.asp?panel=1), in 2005 the estimated under-5 infant mortality in US-occupied Iraq and Afghanistan will total about 120,000 and 330,000, respectively, out of under 5 year old populations of 4.3 million and 5.5 million, respectively.

The latest UNICEF report (2005) (see: http://www.unicef.org/index2.html) estimates that in 2003 the under-5 infant mortality was 110,000 in Iraq and 292,000 in Afghanistan as compared to 1,000 in the invading and occupying Coalition country Australia (noting that these countries have similar populations).

How is this happening in these "liberated" countries? The Ruler is responsible for the Ruled but WHO and medical literature sources indicate that the annual per capita medical expenditure in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories is LESS THAN ONE PERCENT (1%) of that in Metropolitan USA (see: http://www.countercurrents.org/iraq-polya110305.htm).

Australia and the US are currently celebrating the safe release of ONE Western hostage in Iraq - but the US-led Coalition is holding about 10 million under 5 year olds hostage in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories (out of over 50 million hostages in total) and nearly HALF A MILLION of these infants are dying EACH YEAR, largely due to grossly insufficient provision of life-preserving requisites by the Occupying Coalition (see: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~gpolya/links.html).

In 2005 the total post-invasion under-5 infant mortality in US-occupied Iraq and Afghanistan (already 1.5 MILLION) will EXCEED the number of Jewish children murdered by the Nazis during World War 2.

Of course it is not just infants who are dying AVOIDABLY due to UK-US democratic imperialism (democratic Nazism) in the Occupied Iraqi and Afghan Territories. Using the latest UN and medical literature data it can be readily estimated that the post-invasion avoidable mortality (excess mortality) has been about 0.4 million in Iraq and 1.5 million in Afghanistan - nearly 1,000 Iraqi or Afghan civilian deaths for every US Coalition military death.

Dr Gideon Polya, 29 Dwyer Street, Macleod, Melbourne, Victoria, 3085, Australia

e-mail: gpolya@optusnet.com.au

website: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~gpolya/links.html

Posted 25th June 2005

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