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27/7/04 - Israel, the War on Terror, and Blair to Stay

Why is Israel allowed to ignore the International Community? Why is it that they can break UN resolutions left right and centre? Why is it that they can ignore the recent UN vote to demand the dismantlement of the West Bank barrier, a vote which was passed by 150 to 6? Well it might just be because one of the 6 was the USA and if you have the bully of the world onside you can do whatever you want, just as Tony Blair is proving.

The Israelis are ethnically cleansing, trying to purify a country which they were awarded after the holocaust and acknowledgement of anti-semitism, maybe this is out of line but I'd have thought they might have learnt something from their history, you know like persecuting and killing people is wrong.

Still now they have even more confidence in their actions as they can hide the violence behind the new wave of WAR ON TERROR! And how you may ask are we going to fight this war on terror? Well we're going to terrorise everyone first by telling them that huge terrorist gas attacks are imminent, even athough they aren't. Terrorism isn't new in the UK, the IRA have staged several bomb attacks and I never got a leaflet before, but since it happened in the States nearly three years ago now we suddenly need to spend 8 million quid on leaflets for everyone with pointless advice - realistically if terrorists fly a plane into your building or into a nuclear power station then its going to take more than a 'duck and cover' leaflet to save you.

Yet more of King Tony's grand plan to emulate his moronic master across the pond. Tony is now feeling so confident that he has decided to stay on as Leader, in fact he has even reappointed his old chum Peter Mandelson who is now completely immune to sacking. Yet who is going to challenge Blair? Seriously...the other candidates are laughably bad which really just goes to show that our fake democracy has failed and we should try something else...quickly before Tony gets in again and crowns himself Emperor.

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