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8/9/03 - Labour

It seems New Labour is crumbling but the whole thing is dragging on. The media seem to be concentrating on the suicide of Dr Kelly and whether someone was to blame for it or not rather than the glaring fact that Blair lied to the country about the danger of Iraq in order to start a war. Now we see the gradual peeling away of the layers as cretin after cretin dives in the way to take another bullet for Tony. Looks like the Hoon Buffoon is trying to dodge his duties as public school chum who was given a job despite being a total idiot on the understanding that he would back up his pal. I think despite the weaving Geoff is the next one to be fed to the lions. It can't last, can it? I guess the main stumbling block to Tony's demise is the complete lack of opposition to challenge him. He could stay in power by default.

The supposedly post-war situation in Iraq has now claimed more British and American troops' lives than the war itself did. Does that tally with reports of grateful Iraqis delighted to have Saddam off their back? I don't think it does. The reason the authorities are now saying that there will definitely be suicide bomber attacks is because the war has just created thousands more people willing to die fighting against the UK and US. How can you blame them? No matter all the bullshit rhetoric about who we are going after, be it Saddam or Osama, the people that the bombs drop on are often civilian. Just look at the American reaction to the Sept 11th attack. If it can provoke a reaction that strong then imagine what prolonged bombing and widespread death and injury can provoke.

I read an interesting article recently which you can read here -
A bunch of scary right-wing social engineers are offering money to crack addicts to get sterilised. Can that be legal? What if they're high when they go, it might seem like a good idea at the time but....anyway just cause you are an addict at some point in your life doesn't mean you always will be. Mind you I'd probably be willing to offer money to the organisers of this program if they'd get sterilised.

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