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Michael Howard

Howard wants to stop immigration

Michael Howard is a true old-school Tory. We can see from his voting record and monotone speeches that he was against the hunting ban and lowering the age for legal gay sex to 16. We can also see that he was for the Iraq war and the introduction of ID cards. See Guardian for details.

Howard was born Michael Hecht in 1941 in Wales, his father had come to the UK as an asylum seeker, a Jewish Romanian from Transylvania trying to escape the horrors of the Nazi´s. Michael was a Conservative student in Cambridge and went on to serve in a variety of positions for the governments of both Thatcher and Major.

A true Thatcherite he helped to implement the privatisation of the water board in England and Wales and went on to some form of fame as the Home Secretary who liked to be tough on crime, "Prison Works" he claimed. Of course it helps if you don´t let people escape and Howard famously presided over a series of high profile prison escapes which came to light in 1996 leading to his infamous interview with Jeremy Paxman in which he refused to answer the question....repeatedly....12 times in fact.

After Major left there was a vote to decide the new Tory leader and the first round placed Howard 5th out of 5 candidates, naturally he withdrew quietly. Next time around Ian Duncan Smith got in and appointed Howard Shadow Chancellor. In November 2002 he told BBC News Online: "I will never stand again for the leadership of the Conservative Party." The Tory decline continued and after another aborted baldie they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel (or perhaps coffin)....and finally Howard got his chance, winning the leadership unopposed.

In some ways Howard is the ultimate Tory, a real bloodsucker from Transylvania out to feed on the poor and the weak. How he can take such a tough stance on immigration policy since his own family have benefited so much from being allowed to settle in the UK is beyond me. He is a son of Thatcher to the core, wailing on and on about his "British dream" which would allow people to succeed on the basis of their own talents and efforts; the classic Tory ideology which allows you to suggest that people are poor because they are lazy.

On immigration he said "I think it´s common sense to say we´ve got to bring immigration and asylum under control,"....well kinda depends on what you mean by "under control" doesn´t it?

When he says of immigration "The British public deserves to be heard. I'm talking about real people, with real concerns, whose voices are simply not heard." On this issue he is appealing to the racists and hoping to gain their vote on the basis of stopping the dribble or tidal wave (depending on your beliefs) of people coming into the country. Labour are now scared he will steal the working class bigot vote and so they too have to remind everyone how tough they are on immigration.


Manipulating an issue like this is beyond the pale and could cause real harm to people. Last week migrant groups warned party leaders to restrain their remarks for fear of provoking racial attacks. Howard wants limits put on the number of incoming economic immigrants; funnily enough the head of the CBI rejects this policy.

Howard got called up on this while on BBC Radio 4´s Election Call. 51 year old Federico Mazandarani called in and said "Every time Michael Howard speaks about immigration, I get abused on the streets by the general public. This issue has absolutely been the bane of my life in this country for 32 years. I´m sick and tired of having politicians inflating this issue."

Mr Mazandarani, a dance teacher, who lives in Forest Gate, east London, later told The Independent that like Mr Howard´s own grandparents, he was a Jewish refugee who found safety in Britain. "I am the grandson of a chief rabbi, from Iran. If I had any power then I would throw him out of the faith. He is offending everything I consider sacred in the Jewish faith. He is typical of the children of immigrants who are born in this country who completely negate the torture and misery of their parents."

Whether or not Howard actually is a vampire is not known, but there can be little doubt that he is a right-wing loony who would screw the country over given half a chance. So don´t give him a chance.

Posted 27th April 2005

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