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Military Spending

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Politicians spend our tax money on a wide variety of things, unfortunately one of the biggest recipients is the military. A substantial percentage of our tax income is spent on developing military technology, building bombs, and training killers. This money could undoubtedly be put to better use.

Bush has increased the US military budget to $396 billion. He raised another $95 billion for the war on Iraq. The US spend in excess of $1 billion a day to propagate the world with weapons and defend their interests. While many Americans live below the poverty line, without health insurance, their tax dollars go towards buying incredibly expensive technology designed specifically to kill and maim people. Military spending accounts for 16% of the total US budget.

In the UK military spending is around £36.9 billion ($60 billion). A further £3 billion was set aside by the Treasury for the war in Iraq (this represents £50 per head of population for UK citizens). An extra £330 million was set aside for additional domestic counter-terrorism measures - which translates as locking up Arabs in a paranoid and illegal fashion. Military spending accounts for 6% of the total UK budget.

A big expensive helicopter

In Russia the military budget is a fraction of what it once was at $60 billion, China now spends around $42 billion annually. Brazil is spending £17.9 billion this year, United Arab Emirates $3.9 billion and Argentina is spending $3.1 billion. Despite all of this it seems the US will soon be outstripping everyone else on the planet put together.

Weapons like this Commanche helicopter are hugely expensive to develop and manufacture. The US military spent $910 million on these alone.

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