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23/4/04 - North Korea

North Korea seems to be next on the hit-list for Bush and the Nazi parade. I'm alarmed by the warning signs, suddenly the papers start reporting on a country they have completely ignored for the last two decades. You see articles about how Kim Jong-il, the North Korean leader is worse than Saddam Hussein and hear about how the people are being repressed, just as they have been for the last several years but its suddenly news now. The situation they find themselves in has got a lot to do with the US war on their country back in the 1950's.

The fuss surrounds their ability to produce weapons of mass destruction, not like Saddam's imaginary ones, oh no, these are going to be real nuclear weapons which could kill us all. The very idea of nukes in the hands of madmen, how awful, but erm what about Bush? He is clearly a madman and he has more nukes at his disposal than the rest of the world put together.

So the usual US response comes to this news, 'Hey you, stop making those! Only us and a couple of our buddies are allowed to make those.' North Korea says 'Hmm, ok, but only if you promise not to invade us…again.' And the US response is? 'No.'

Can anyone explain that? The US is not prepared to agree not to invade a country which it is asking to disarm, they reserve their self-given right to invade at any time. Now if you were North Korea, would you give up your weapons?

I guess they might seek to appease North Korea until they have Iraq under control but that is clearly proving difficult and they still haven't caught bin Laden. Instead of looking to defuse the situation during a time of conflict in Iraq and a time when a rift has grown between the US and the Muslim world what does Bush do? He gives support to a known war criminal, a vicious ethnic cleanser despite his Jewish heritage, the Israeli leader Sharon. Sharon has been bulldozing Palestinian homes, ordering air strikes on suburban estates thought to contain political leaders and just generally stirring up the hate by seizing lands and killing Palestinians, men, women and children.

While these two fascist morons moan about terrorism constantly they are very quick to deal out the terror. They have both been responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians, and sent many of their own citizens to bloody deaths in their name. They both claim that they are winning the 'war on terror' but in actual fact they are swelling the ranks of terrorist organisations by fostering hate, by creating more victims with a grudge to bear. They are quite literally claiming that they are ordering more killing in order to prevent more killing. Why can't we just put all these morons together on a rocket with their weapons and fire them all into the sun?

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