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Bush defends unauthorised phone tapping

In a further show of his disdain for human rights and freedoms, George Bush has defended his administration's use of phone taps which have not been authorised by a judge. His defence - it would take too long. Of course the authorisation of wire taps is not hard to organise at all, and once a warrant is obtained it is valid for 120 days. This is not enough for Bush, he wants to be able to act without the oversight of any legal bodyand without any public accountability - in a clear breach of the US constitution. After all the law was introduced after Watergate when the White House was found to be secretly tapping the phones of people they did not like - without any legal justification. Furthermore, the indictment of Libby for disclosing the name of the CIA operative Plame in order to get back at her husband gives an indication how far Bush's friends are prepared to go to hurt anyone who challenges their actions.

Bush the Dictator

Meanwhile, Cheney moaned that the Vietnam War and the Watergate Scandal had weakened Presidential Authority to an unacceptable degree. Unsurprisingly he considers that the President should be able to take whatever action he chooses, even if it happens to be unconstitutional or immoral. There is a name for that type of government - dictatorship.

In the same press conference Bush stated "The Iraqi people now enjoy constitutionally protected freedoms and their leaders now derive their powers from the consent of the governed," and then went on to defend secret wire taps by his own government. Apparently US citizens do not deserve to keep their constitutionally protected freedoms.

Generally, anyone who argues with Bush and his cronies is accused of being unpatriotic and naive, but now even Republican Senators are questioning Bush´s activities. Unfortunately it would seem that enough right-wing/religious US citizens are happy to be lied to and to stand by and watch their rights eroded - as long as Bush doesn´t let gay people get married.

Perhaps someone should invade the US to promote democracy - after all

; everyone knows for a fact that they have more Weapons of Mass Destruction than anyone else and they have developed bio-chemical weapons and nuclear weapons in direct violation of non-proliferation treaties they have signed
; they have made it quite clear that they are prepared to attack without provocation or warning (and therefore are a clear threat to world security),
; they are guilty of undermining a number of democratic regimes across the world and supporting some of the worst human rights offenders, and
; their President appears to believe that human rights are "optional" and can be discarded whenever they get in his way (eg the redefinition of torture to exclude any act which does not cause organ failure or death).

Posted 21st December 2005

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