End Evil

Welcome to the End Evil films quiz, just fill out your answers and click submit to see how you did. Have fun, top prize is a smug feeling of superiority.

Movie Quiz

1) What is the name of the book that Blade Runner is based on?
a) Do Sheep Dream of Electric Androids
b) The Android Saga
c) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
d) Do Aberdonians Shag Electric Sheep

2) What character, in what film, said "Jesus Wept" just before being torn apart?
a) Frank Cotton in Hellraiser
b) Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction
c) Chief Brody in Jaws
d) Freddy Kreuger in A Nightmare on Elm Street

3) Did Greedo shoot first?
a) Yes of course, Han would only ever fire in self defence
b) I guess he might have done
c) No, Han drilled him in cold blood and that's why we love him
d) I think George Lucas would know best

4) Why did the Postman, Waterworld and every other film involving Kevin Costner suck so badly?
a) Hey buddy, we think Kev is the greatest
b) Because he has a peanut sized brain
c) A mixture of b and d
d) Because he has no talent

5) Which film has made the largest box office loss?
a) Titanic
b) Gangs of New York
c) Cutthroat Island
d) Waterworld

6) Which Hollywood star has gotten the most fan mail in a year?
a) Mel Gibson
b) Julia Roberts
c) Mickey Mouse
d) Rob Schneider

7) In which of the following films did Nicholas Cage wear a snakeskin jacket which he claimed "represents a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom"?
a) Gone In 60 Seconds
b) Wild At Heart
c) Con Air
d) Leaving Las Vegas

8) Which Hollywood actress had parts in Police Academy 4 and King Solomon´s Mines?
a) Sandra Bullock
b) Sharon Stone
c) Julia Roberts
d) Leonardo Di Caprio

9) In which of the legendary Rocky films does old Mickey pop his clogs?
a) Rocky II
b) Rocky IV
c) Rocky III
d) He's still alive

10) Who shot nice guy Eddie in Reservoir Dogs?
a) Mr Pink
b) Nobody, but Mr White was meant to
c) Mr Blue
d) Mr White

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