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5/2/07 - Doing Time

So that´s another series of Celebrity Big Brother (total misnomer as there are only one or two celebrities there at a push) finally over. They must get stupid money for doing that, you´d have to be insane to go in there, it´s like some kind of warped tedious prison. If I had to serve a term in there it´d be all of five minutes before I shanked one of the bastards and stole their tits, then there´d be a blanket party with Jade and that one from Steps, I´d like to peal his cap. I´ve been watching Oz too much, you can check what I´m on about here - Prison Slang Dictionary

The Scottish prison population is about 7,000 almost exclusively white and I´m pretty sure it's nothing like Oz. In the US the prison population is over 2 million, over 40% are black and almost 20% hispanic. Still that´s only 1,244 Hispanic males for every 100,000 in the US and 3,145 black males for every 100,000 in the US so they´ve got a long way to go. I should also point out the figure for white males is 471 per 100,000 so obviously no racism there then.

The US also executed 60 people last year all by lethal injection, naturally I´m not counting the people they executed in other places around the world and unsuprisingly neither do they. The last person executed in Scotland was Patrick McCarron in 1964, we executed a total of 34 people this century and of course it isn´t done anymore because it quite obviously doesn´t work, it is legalised murder and we aren´t a bunch of right wing loonies like certain US states I could mention....ahem....Texas.

The US are definitely the world leaders when it comes to imprisoning in general with a population of 286 million they have over 2 million in prison. How about China I hear you ask well population 1.3 billion with 1.4 million in prison. Ok fine but surely Russia are bad too? Population 144 million, a paltry 920,000 in prison. The US Justice Department also estimates that 12% of all black men in the US in their 20´s or early 30´s were in jail last year. Won´t be long before they just lock up anyone who´s vaguely ethnic and/or poor, prisons will become big slave labour camps and robots modelled on Arnold Schwarzenegger will run the service industry.

If you´re interested in the stats I got them here -

Bureau of Justice Stats

Scottish Govt Stats

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