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Rant - Pro-Lifers

I´d like to start with a quote from the late, great Bill Hicks.

"I, ah...this abortion issue in the States is dividing the country right in half. You know, and even amongst my friends - we´re all highly intelligent - they´re totally divided on the issue of abortion. Totally divided. Some of my friends think these pro-life people are just annoying idiots. Other of my friends think these pro-life people are evil fucks. How are we gonna have a consensus? I´m torn. I try and take the broad view and think of them as evil, annoying fucks."

People should have the right to choose. Every sperm is not sacred. Do pro-lifer´s weep for the lost lives as women around the world get their periods, or at the loss of potential billions destined to be sprayed onto tissue paper by the flick of an adolescent wrist? When is a person a person?

Well 99% of abortions in the US are performed before the 20th week of pregnancy but Bush says "For years, a terrible form of violence has been directed against children who are inches from birth, while the law looked the other way,"

He has cut funds to the UN population fund and diverted cash towards programmes promoting abstinence instead of birth control or abortion. There are around 3,700 abortions per day in the US and if you ban abortion you´ll probably end up with 3,700 illegal abortions per day. Incidentally Larry Flynt claims that Bush helped one of his girlfriends to have an abortion in Texas in 1970, but abortions were not legal until the Supreme Court´s decision in Rose vs Wade in 1973. He doesn´t really believe in the sanctity of human life, that should be pretty obvious from his wee habit of starting wars. Bush will say anything to get people to vote for him.

How can pro-lifer´s support a man responsible for so much death, as Governor of Texas Bush executed 152 people. How can pro-lifer´s murder doctors who perform abortions? Send death threats to Judge´s who pass laws they dislike? Wouldn´t it be nice if they applied the same moral outrage to the murder of foreign people in wars waged by their government, why the hell don´t they think those lives matter?

That´s the problem with pro-lifers, I mean I could almost respect their ideal if they really meant it, if they actually did care about human life then fair enough but they plainly don´t, or rather they care very selectively. I think human rights are important but what about the rights of the mother? Is it really a good idea to force women to have children they don´t want?

If one thing is abundantly clear from the estimated 20 million illegal abortions that are carried out around the world each year it´s that making abortions illegal will not prevent them from happening and will just lead to a much greater risk for the woman involved. This same argument applies to prostitution and drugs too. We collectively spend millions combating things which we are also spending millions propagating and loads of people get hurt in the process. Just give people the choice.

It´s like suicide laws. Suicide used to be illegal in the UK until 1961. By the 1990´s it was no longer illegal even in the US. Funnily enough in some states in the US the penalty for suicide was death.

People should be able to choose what they do with their own bodies provided it isn't harming anyone else. I don´t think early fetuses are people until they develop consciousness and provided abortion is performed within the first trimester of pregnancy (which the overwhelming majority are, over 90%) then this is not murder. An early fetus is no more a person than a sperm or egg is.

I especially hate the argument that we shouldn´t be meddling with nature. If you believe this then you should also avoid doctors and hospitals, when someone gets a disease it must be God´s will so they should be left to die. This is just a moronic idea and simply does not stand up as an argument.

This is obviously a hugely emotive subject but I've yet to see an argument or any evidence which suggests that free-choice is not the right approach. The state has no place dictating what women can do with their own bodies, after all shouldn´t the rights of the women involved count for something?

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