End Evil
Welcome to the recommended books section of the site. Below are a number of useful resources which reveal the state of play politically in the world today, they represent a different version of the truth than what you see on the news. Unconstrained by political allegiances these brave writers have resourced and written about forgotten or buried news, the news that governments do not want you to read. Click on the covers to buy the books (US and UK only).

John Pilger is a fantastic reporter and writer. In this book he brings us details of what newsrooms call slow news, depressing, brutal and very worrying news about the evil behaviour of our governments. Greg Palast is an investigative Reporter who exposes the truth about globalisation, corporate cons and high finance fraudsters in this well-sourced and enjoyable book.
Michael Moore´s TV Nation programme championed issues of concern across the world. This book gives you a behind the scenes look at how the programme was made, and how it got round the censors. Why Do People Hate America? Well there are so many reasons and this book discusses them at length.
The very scary truth about the fast food industry and sickening big business greed, if this doesn´t put you off buying fast food I don´t know what will. An in depth analysis of Bush speak, is he really as stupid as he appears to be?
Pilger reveals the faceless powers behind globalisation, the new rulers of the world. Social and political commentary in a comedic format from Michael Moore.
The truth about New Labour and their media machine from Nick Cohen. The takeover of the planet, how corporations have replaced states as the largest economies.