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Saddam Hanging

Saddam was executed over the holidays (30th December) for his multitude of crimes. He was hanged as onlookers jeered "go to hell" and of course someone filmed the whole thing on their mobile phone and released the video on the internet. Leaders were quick to denounce the execution and more importantly (to them apparently) the fact that it was recorded and released on the web. Strange because back in December 2003 Bush said Saddam deserved the "ultimate penalty" for his actions, reading further into his comments last week it becomes clear he wasn´t against the execution as such, he just wished it could have been "more dignified". That left me wondering what was dignified about the 60 executions the US carried out last year, the fact they were lethal injection instead of hanging? Or perhaps the fact the audience was smaller?

Saddam hanged

To be honest I was expecting a pay per view US television extravaganza with a warm up show featuring Christina Aguilera and sensational commentary for the main event.

Other leaders were less reserved in their condemnation, Blair finally admitted the manner of Saddam´s death was "completely wrong" though he was quick to remind people of the atrocities Saddam committed ending his press conference with the slightly bizarre comment "So the crimes that Saddam committed does not excuse the manner of his execution but the manner of his execution does not excuse the crimes."

I think capital punishment is wrong, it was explained to me in simple terms as a child with the statement that "two wrongs don´t make a right" but hey what does my mum know?

Next up on the gallows are Saddam´s half-brother and his chief judge and Iraqi officials have promised no repeat of the leaked video of Saddam - well phew, we can all sleep easy now.

Posted 10th January 2007

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