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Scottish Election Build-Up

Ahead of the Scottish election on May 3rd we´ve been swamped in a tidal wave of postal spam from the various candidates. I´m still undecided how I´m going to vote, perhaps you are too, lets see if a trawl through my postal propaganda helps us to decide.

I´m going to kick off with the no-hopers, the people who no matter how great their leaflet is will never get my vote.


Scottish BNP Logo

Absolute bottom of the pile has to be the British National Party. I got one double sided glossy leaflet. Getting a leaflet through my door from the BNP was a bit of a shock to me, I somewhat naively thought they didn´t exist in Scotland, sadly they do. Upon first glancing at this leaflet I could feel the bile slowly rising from the pit of my stomach, I don´t even like the idea a racist Neanderthal came into my tenement to deliver this. The first thing that struck me was the logo - BNP written on a thistle with a saltire as the backing of the leaflet (who are you trying to kid? This reminds me of the Scottish Sun). The candidate is described as "self-employed university graduate" Ian Dawson and the delightful policies listed on the back include the following (this is honestly the unaltered text).

"It´s time to get tough on the neds who are making life a nightmare for the law abiding majority. People should feel safe to walk the street at any time of the day!"

"Scotland has been flooded with immigrants from the EU, who squeeze locals out of jobs and push down wages. They strangle the economy by shipping their earnings home."

"The BNP will restore discipline and traditional teaching methods to make sure all students are literate, numerate and well educated, instead of being fed trendy PC nonsense."

The list goes on. The leaflet also confidently asserts "There is a real possibility a BNP MSP can be elected here on the Regional list on the 3rd of May." Yeah right, in the same way that there is a real possibility you will be struck by lightning, technically it could happen but it´s not going to. These hateful scumbags have no idea how to run the country, the leaflet reads more like a list of moans than a list of policies and there is no explanation of how the BNP would expect to achieve any of these stated aims.

Scottish Voice

Scottish Voice candidate Hew Edgar

Next up is Scottish Voice billing themselves as a new party offering an alternative to ´machine politics´. I got one double-sided glossy leaflet from them and despite reading the thing a few times now I can´t find any policies. They simply say they know better than mainstream politicians because they talk to people and claim they will improve the usual trinity of law and order, health and education. There is no explanation of, or appreciable depth to, their policies and the last bulletin point on their list explains that they will never ask whether a policy is right or left wing but simply if it works. I fail to see how that sets them apart, Labour were supposed to be a left wing party but never let that stop them from implementing right wing policies. They have also chosen a thistle as their logo and there is a huge picture of the candidate Hew Edgar on the front. This is probably unfair but he really looks like a Tory to me. In any case the minimum requisite for anyone seeking election should be at least one clearly stated policy and the lack of any here is an instant turn off.

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Posted 30th April 2007

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