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Scottish Election Build-Up

The Conservative party

Scottish Tory leader Annabel Goldie

The Conservative Party sent me one double-sided cardboard leaflet (the kind that is perfect for roach material so thank you Tories). Their campaign is led by the hideous Annabel Goldie, if you´ve never seen her just imagine a more masculine Mrs Doubtfire. They claim if we don´t vote for them we won´t have a voice, what you mean like when Thatcher was in power? They don´t have much in the way of policies (I guess because Labour has stolen most of them) and the leaflet just waffles a bit about affordable housing (like the council housing they sold off?) standing up for Scotland´s families (what does this mean?) and of course dealing with crime and drugs (which they did so successfully last time round). Their logo looks like a wee tree which is about the most inappropriate thing I can imagine and on the back we are treated to a gallery of their ugly mugs grinning creepily at us like some kind of warped advert for birth control. Depressingly they will probably get more votes than they should because rich people always want more. Please note if you do vote for the Tories you are a self-serving greedy parasite. If you vote for them without being rich you are just plain moronic.

Scottish Green Party

Scottish Green Party leader Robin Harper

The Green Party sent me one double-sided glossy leaflet. The front features a few pictures of Scotland and a clear and concise list of policies including - action on climate change, better public transport, warm affordable homes, clean energy and no nuclear and public services to remain public. It´s tough to criticise this one as it is concise, reasonably well written and free from gimmicks or bullshit. While the Greens are under no illusions about gaining power they are likely to get a couple of MSP´s and they will exert a positive influence on the parliament.


Solidarity leader Tommy Sheridan

Solidarity came next featuring the beaming orange face of Tommy Sheridan. They sent me one A4 sheet folded into a leaflet which lists seven reasons to vote for them. These include scrapping the council tax, free school meals, public not private ownership, no war or trident renewal, independence and socialism, banning the sale of airguns and trade union rights. I´m not too sure how airguns made that list but I agree with the rest of those policies. Unfortunately Sheridan has lost credibility after splitting with the Scottish Socialist Party under pressure from a virtual smear campaign in the tabloid press (owned and operated by right wing bastards). I suspect they aren´t going to do very well in the election and there is no doubt the socialist vote will be split which makes their name somewhat ironic.

Scottish Socialist Party

Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox

Tommy´s old party the Scottish Socialist Party also sent an A4 sheet folded into a leaflet. They also support the abolition of council tax, free school meals, free education, higher minimum wage, more affordable housing, higher pensions and an end to supporting war and military spending. The policies are close enough that I see no need for a split between Solidarity and them, and standing separately will only make it harder for both of them. The new leader Colin Fox is lacking charisma and I have serious doubts about their ability to run the country I also think their free public transport policy is a bit on the gimmicky side.

Margo Macdonald

Margo Macdonald

As I´ve been writing this I just got a new leaflet through the door. Another glossy double-sided one this time featuring Margo Macdonald the ex-SNP independent. The leaflet just talks about how she is independent and tells the truth unlike everyone else. There is no mention of a single policy anywhere on it so I guess she is relying on people knowing her by reputation. There is a badly taken picture of her in action and some random quotes but nothing in the way of substance.

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Posted 30th April 2007

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