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Sir Ian Blair to be investigated over the death of Charles de Menezes

Sir Ian Blair (the Metropolitan police commissioner and supporter of Tony Blair´s anti-terrorism measures) is being investigated over his conduct following the fatal shooting of the entirely innocent Brazillian, Charles de Menezes. The family of the murdered man have lodged an official complaint and claim that Sir Ian and the Metropolitan police service deliberately misled the public following the tragedy.

Sir Ian Blair

On the day of the shooting, Sir Ian told the press that the man had refused to obey police instructions, was dressed and acting suspiciously. However, information later leaked from the enquiry confirmed that he had done nothing suspicious, was not wearing a bulky jacket which could have concealed a weapon, had not run from officers. In fact, the man had no warning that he was about to be shot seven times in the head by police marksmen.

Charles de Menezes

Rather than accept that he was "mistaken" Sir Ian Blair then allegedly tried to obstruct the investigation into the death he gave instructions that the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) should not be involved and would not be allowed into Stockwell station. He then claimed CCTV footage was not available due to problems with the system. This was later shown to be a bare-faced lie. Even when it became clear that the shooting was an appalling mistake, he made no attempt to correct the false statements made to the press regarding the shooting. Essentially, he allowed the impression that the victim was to blame when it was clear that the poor man had done absolutely nothing to justify the use of deadly force.

Lets be clear about one thing, while the police admit they mistakenly targeted an innocent man, his death was not an accident. They were operating on a "shoot-to-kill" policy under "Operation Kratos" following training from the Israeli police force. As Sir Ian Blair helpfully noted "There is no point in shooting at someone´s chest because that is where the bomb is likely to be. There is no point in shooting anywhere else if they fall down and detonate it." However, he also contradicted himself stating, "We do not have a shoot-to-kill policy."

Operation Kratos radically alters the rules of engagement. You cannot warn the target (as they may be a suicide bomber) and must ensure that you kill them instantly. The Israelis have used a similar policy to great effect to kill Palestinians who may or may not have been planning something, after all you can´t question a dead suspect. "Operation Kratos" was not public knowledge, and was not even known to the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA) until July 22 2005, the day of the shooting of Charles de Menezes.

I have another name for this policy; extra-judicial-execution.

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