End Evil
Young Jake watched intently, fascinated by the whirling men as they danced around each other, the metal of their swords and armour glinting in the meagre sunshine as it occasionally peeked out from behind a dark cluster of clouds. He didn´t go too close though, remembering what his father had told him. He was crouching in a large bush on the brow of a....read more
Mrs Holden
Mrs Holden shuffled slowly up the carpeted hallway towards her front door. Her coarse, wrinkled hands shook slightly as she secured the chain and unlocked it, before allowing a thin shaft of light to penetrate the stale atmosphere of the house. Framed by the light was....read more
The Lift
Alice Harper stood on the fourteenth floor of the Wilkins Building in downtown Vancouver. She was feeling smug with herself, having just negotiated a pay rise of 5% with the big bosses. She was employed to oversee a large commercial....read more
The Case
Harry was angry, he was hot and tired, he was sweating profusely and his back ached, his feet were sore from walking and his hands felt burnt because of the cheap plastic handle on his suitcase. He stood patiently in the queue anyway, fighting the desire....read more
The Master
It was dark by the time Dave began his routine, but the old movements always came easily to him, and he knew his way around the ornate garden. The master watched on silently, a disapproving grunt here and there, as Dave displayed his....read more
Old Age
Rob opened the curtains and gazed out of the double-glazed window into the street below. There was a thin covering of snow on the road and over gardens, houses and cars, giving everything a pristine look. He squinted as the early morning sun....read more
Jon´s War
Jon awoke as the war began. He couldn´t be sure, of course, because the television and radio had no doubt stopped working the same morning - being a naturally ingenious target for air strikes by the enemy - so it was hard to verify that the blast which awoke him was the first of the attack. It was also hard, under the circumstances, to see the importance of....read more
The Devil
Danny was sitting on the battered bench in the secluded corner of the park behind the library. It was mid-night, and he was drinking a fizzy drink and smoking a large joint. When the Devil came stepping crisply down the frosted gravel in his slightly pointed.....read more
The Briefing
"Well?" asked Sam as he walked to his cruiser. "Well what?" responded his partner, Mike. "What do you think about the new lieutenant?" "A little wordy. Just covered the same thing we hear every.....read more
The Attorney
"Nah, I think I´ll pass on this case." Herb took another sip of his Manhattan and looked at his mentor. Frank looked back at him for a couple of seconds then shook his head, sipped his Grasshopper, and said, "I don´t see the problem.....read more
Time to Play
It was a dark and stormy Halloween night. The wind was howling like banshees. Three men huddled around the light of a guttering fire. One of them said, "Igor, tell us a story." Igor began. "I was a freshman at a large university. There were many other new students.....read more