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Stupid Beliefs

People believe in all kinds of ridiculous things which have little or no evidence to support them. Some of them are relatively harmless like Santa Claus others cause all kinds of problems particularly when a large number of people adhere to them. If a belief becomes popular enough despite the lack of evidence it will be treated as fact by many, leant legitimacy by virtue of having loads of supporters and they´ll bring their kids up to share their beliefs. Of course the fact that a lot of people believe something does not make it so. There have been a number of widely held daft beliefs throughout history which were later proven wrong so let´s ridicule them. Of course just because you can´t prove a stupid belief wrong doesn´t mean it´s right as Bertrand Russell pointed out when he suggested there might be a small teapot orbiting the sun, it is tough to prove a negative.

This section will grow because people believe in so many silly things, so check back for updates. If you are a believer and want to argue the case for your stupid belief feel free to use the contact link to send an email.

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