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Mark Thatcher's Coup

Mark Thatcher

Nice to see that even filthy rich criminals with powerful connections still get caught sometimes, I am of course referring to the arrest of Mark Thatcher. Sir Mark (the title was inherited) was arrested for involvement in an alleged coup attempt in Equatorial Guinea and released on bail by a South African court.

The 51 year-old had his trial postponed until next April, but if found guilty he could be jailed in South Africa or extradited to Guinea for further prosecution. He has been accused of helping to finance the attempted coup against Guinea leader Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who has ruled Africa's third biggest oil producer since 1979.

There have been further claims that the coup was planned and financed in Britain and that both Jeffrey Archer and Peter Mandelson had some involvement. Naturally they all deny that they had anything to do with it, as if!

South African police say they have evidence that key financiers were promised $10 million each if the coup succeeded, just another little earner for these millionaire megalomaniacs. Naturally those caught are willing to squeal to save themselves and so we can expect more people to be dragged into this over the coming weeks.

Chief squealer is Nick du Toit, who was head of the advance party of mercenaries and says he wants to meet the Scotland Yard team. He claims to have had at least four meetings with Sir Mark and says he has details of other Britons' alleged involvement in the plot.

I hope these greedy parasites are jailed, overturning governments in order to line their own pockets as though the world was their own personal plaything. Though it comes as no surprise that the Thatcher legacy of evil lives on, I hope Sir Mark rots in a South African prison but I have a nasty feeling he will somehow escape punishment - these kind of people usually do.

Thatcher has had an easy life, despite leaving school with just three o-levels and failing his accountancy exams three times he has never had any money worries. He has allegedly had many dodgy dealings over the years and in 1986 Maggie herself was questioned about her son's relationship with the Sultan of Brunei. There were also claims in parliament in 1985 that he received millions of pounds for his part in an arms deal with Saudi Arabia.

As recently as 1998 he made the news as his loan company began charging defaulters 20% interest, while this is not illegal it is very definitely morally dubious especially when you consider that he is rumoured to have amassed a fortune in excess of £60 million most of which sits in off-shore bank accounts.

Sir Mark profits from the misery of others and he is a true Thatcherite prizing profit above all other concerns including human life.

Posted 29th November 2004

Update - 12/1/05

Well surprise, surprise another slimy toerag gets away with it. It was reported today that Mark Thatcher will get away with his dodgy involvement in the attempted coup with a suspended 4 year sentence and a £265,000 fine.

He admitted helping to provide a helicopter for the coup but denied that he knew what it was going to be used for. Is he in the habit of providing helicopters to people no questions asked? Obvious bullshit and more proof that these super rich, well-connected scumbags are above the law.

Mark will now be allowed to leave the country and join the rest of his evil clan in the US. So with his hand slapped he runs back to mummy to plot yet more self enriching misery on the world.

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