End Evil

16/02/03 - The Sun

This paper is undoubtedly the worst rag you could possibly buy. It is aimed at xenophobic, thoughtless morons who seem to be intent on ignoring anything of any importance that happens on the grounds that it is too depressing to read about. There is no attempt to provide genuine news, politics or world affairs, and intelligent editorials are spurned in favour of sex scandals and television programmes. How can they pretend that the throwaway bile they serve up is news?

In addition to the lack of any real news and the journalistic skills of a child, (the writers are actually told not to use words above the level of an eight year old reader) there is also the habit of downright lying to contend with. They are happy, in the absence of any sordid affair being revealed that week, to invent stories. This is most noticeable in their constant unfounded speculation about football transfers. In fact this point negates the main excuse I have heard from most men that they buy it for the sport coverage.

Added to all of this is the sexist attitude they display and their revolting habit of spying on celebrities on holiday to ridicule them with some picture they don't even know exists. Then there's the xenophobic and barely coded racist language they employ, particularly if there is any news about immigration (one area they conspicuously don't ignore) and the ridiculous nationalist fervour they attempt to drum up every time England play an international football match.

For the big business boys it is a way of polluting working class people with extreme right-wing views. They are able to manipulate racism and religious intolerance to drum up support for whatever war they think will benefit them. It is time people rejected this type of reading material it is not just a harmless bit of fun, it is in fact an abusive vehicle for sexism, ignorance and racism. Don't sell your soul to Rupert Murdoch he's rich enough already.

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