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15/10/03 - Tories

Well the Tories finally managed to get back into the news with the recent revelations that the forgettable Tory leader's wife, Betsy, was paid £18,000, supposedly to work as her husband's 'diary secretary'. The dull, bald, British Empire throwback Iain Duncan Smith dismissed his accusers as 'cowards in the shadows'. I heard on the news today that some of the Tories who haven't been supportive were called in for 'career reviews'. Its hardly surprising though is it? Tories have a long tradition of fattening their bank balances and those of their friends and families, countless quangos saw relations of MP's paid ludicrous sums of money for the minimal work they were asked to do.

This is a classic sham position created to make the poor wee Smith's some extra money, Tory greed can never be abated. Even if she was actually working for the money surely it is still morally questionable and clear nepotism for her to have been appointed in the first place. IDS will drain the life out of the situation by droning on in that creepy Imperial way of his, he really is from another time and so painfully out of touch that it is laughable. Personally I hope to seem him retain the leadership as it will ensure that the Conservative Party remains in the wilderness where it belongs.

Sadly one of the main reasons they are in the wilderness is because New Labour have been ploughing away with many policies which traditional Tories approve of. Tony, like Thatcher before him, has continually ignored popular opinion, the opinion of the people he is supposed to represent, in favour of his own opinion. Despite high profile dissenters in the Labour Party correctly pointing out the flaws in Blunkett's Nazi ID card scheme Tony has continued to support it. He hasn't even backed down over the issue of his lying to the British people in order to support Bush and his war on Iraq. Tony's days are surely numbered but who will replace him? And how much more damage will he do before he finally falls from power?

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