End Evil
The Tories

"Anybody in my job steers a tightrope between being popular and being principled." Virginia Bottomley

"Suicide is a real threat to health." Virginia Bottomley

"Anyone would think we were living on some island somewhere." George Walden

"Who Saddam Hussein kills, dies." Jeffrey Archer

"That's a fascinating crystal ball, I'll tell you the other side of that coin." Jeffrey Archer

"There's no smoke without mud being flung around." Edwina Currie

"Businessmen should stand or fall on their own two feet." Edwina Currie

"When the IRA plant such bombs, it proves they can scare people, it proves they can kill people, it proves nothing." Peter Bottomley

"It's not the future I'm talking about, I'm talking about tomorrow." John Gummer

"We said zero, and I think any statistician will tell you that... zero must mean plus or minus a few." William Waldegrave

"The more important things, are more important, than the less important things." Stephen Dorrell

John Major grinning cheesily at Edwina Currie

"The trend in the rise in unemployment is downward." Gillian Shepherd

"John Redwood is a young man but, let's face it, so was Margaret Thatcher in 1975." Edward Leigh

"We are not wholly an island, except geographically." John Major

"The world has gone through tremendous change recently; both nationally and internationally..." John Major

"I will turn directly to the Asylum Bill later." John Major

"UN goodwill may be a bottomless pit but it's by no means limitless." John Major

"If is a very big preposition." John Major

"The two super-powers cannot divide the world into their oyster." Michael Heseltine

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