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US Sends Terror Suspects Abroad

The US Government has recently been challenged by Amnesty International, amongst others, about their use of secret underground jails in foreign countries. In typical hypocritical style they don´t like the idea of having to abide by International or even US law when it comes to imprisoning, holding and torturing terror suspects.

Condy and Rumsfeld caught out again

On the one hand they like to decry countries which practice torture and mistreat their prison population but they reserve the right to do so themselves. There have been a number of claims about secret CIA run detention centres and interrogation facilities in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan. The US has been using Guantanamo Concentration Camp for a number of years now but with the number of terror suspects being arrested they obviously had to find somewhere else to put them all, somewhere the public doesn´t know about where they can break laws and torture people to their hearts content.

The US Government have even invented a term for the process of illegally transporting suspects to these facilities "Rendition". Condoleeza Rice has been busily defending the policy to the media of the world claiming that the US has been flying terror suspects abroad for interrogation outside US law for decades now (as though that justifies the practice).

They have been forced to talk about the subject in light of many accusations from people who were illegally held and tortured, people like Khaled al-Masri who claims he was abducted by CIA operatives in Macedonia in 2004, taken to a prison in Afghanistan, tortured and held prisoner for five months during which time he was not allowed to contact anyone. The US now accepts that Mr al-Masri, a Lebanese-born German national, was mistakenly arrested. There have been many others seized and held illegally in similar circumstances as the Guardian reports.

Naturally the UK has played a part in these nefarious schemes and details were released today in the Guardian about 200 CIA operated flights in and out of Britain with the purpose of transporting terror suspects to foreign countries so that they can be held indefinitely without trial and tortured. These flights made use of both RAF airbases and civilian airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Glasgow.

Rice claims the practice is not in breach of International law but human rights and legal experts disagree. "The argument makes no sense unless there is an assumption that the purpose of rendition is to send people to a place where things could be done to them that could not be done in the United States," said David Luban, a law professor at Georgetown University who is presently a visiting professor at Stanford University.

The US Government are typically unrepentant about their actions with Rice claiming "The captured terrorists of the 21st century do not fit easily into traditional systems of criminal or military justice".

Once again the US Government have shown a blatant disregard for human rights and while they continue to adopt policies which they condemn other countries for engaging in you have to wonder if there is any end to their hypocrisy. They are openly unashamed about their willingness to do anything to protect their place as masters of the modern world. Surely it is time someone stood up to these bullies but the scale of their military might and constant flexing of their muscles makes defiance a decidedly risky proposition.

Posted 6th December 2005

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