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War on Terror: Statistics

The average annual death rate of Australian POWs under the Japanese in World War 2 was 10.4 per 100 (8,000 deaths out of 22,000 POWs over 3.5 years) [Australian ABC Radio National, 2003].

The annual death rate of under-5 year old infants is 5.8 per 100 in US-occupied Afghanistan and 2.6 per 100 in US-occupied Iraq due to gross Coalition violation of the Geneva Conventions for protection of civilians - terror indeed for the parents [see latest UN Population Division and UNICEF data].

The average annual death rate of Western civilians from jihadist violence has been 0.00003 per 100 (last 20 years) and 0.0001 per 100 (last 5 years) [mainstream media and official Israeli and US sources].

Current laws and procedures clearly protect Western civilians from evil jihadist terrorism - but UK-US Coalition war criminals await justice from the International Criminal Court.

The Jury of Conscience of the World Tribunal on Iraq has recently issued its report charging the UK and US with war crimes over the bombing, sanctioning, invasion and occupation of Iraq - see my summary in MWC News Magazine: here.

Peace is the only way but we are obliged to inform others about man-made mass mortality.

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Posted 5th August 2005

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